Tales from the Field

About 6 Years ago under the supervision of a very Talented and Very recognized Yamadori collector I took to the mountains to see what i could Find.  After the initial rush of finding collectable trees the artist mindset began to take hold. Patience is Virtue. I would spend all day on a tree or two, carefully chasing roots to surgically remove root pads from their rocky dwellings.  Then the game is on to get the tree home and secure in a man made wooden pot.  I would (and still do) stare at these trees and am thankful to have their presence grace my garden, my mind free to ponder design ideas and choices.  But after years of collecting good trees, my lifetime of Elk Hunting knowledge began to creep into my Bonsai collecting. I grew up seeing hunters with monster bull elk from the same woods I was Hunting in and I my mind would go wild, “how are they finding these? where are they finding these?” And the truth is those people are dedicated and spend countless hours in the woods looking for one thing, A Trophy.  So my mindset began to change, While it is nice to harvest and be successful, the idea that the “Big One” is out there always haunts my dreams.  So in dedication to that idea i took to the collecting grounds with only the mindset of Trophy Hunting.  Instead of spending time and energy on a few collectable trees, I focused my energy on finding the One tree that was worth the time of all the others combined.  I hiked for hours passing up many wonderful smaller specimens, many made me stop to ponder if my idea was outlandish and i have to quiet my thoughts “will you ever find the one you are looking for? you’d be a fool to keep walking” only to remind myself, i would rather go home with nothing knowing i kept diligent then go home with something that i compromised my goals to attain.  I hike deeper into the woods with the goal in mind. All of the sudden the stress and anxiety of “collecting” disappears and joy of my surroundings take hold.  I sit on the rocks and take pictures, i enjoy the world in its untouched beauty. I love to think sometimes about the vastness of life and how thankful i am to be living the moments I’m given, to think that  trees are just small piece of the huge tapestry that weaves all of our lives together.  As i look around and see the trees growing, It puts things into perspective, that all things grow towards the light lifting their needles in praise and giving thanks every day to sit in the sun and soak in the rain.  To be thankful is a gift, it allows us to cast aside our selfish desires and to be humble if just for a brief moment.  I ended up finding what i was looking for all along, a connection to an art form that long precedes me and hopefully with our diligence, long after I am gone.  I am thankful to share in this art and journey, and humbled to keep these ancient life forms.  As i packed my camera and gathered my thoughts i glanced to the side of me.  Sitting just feet away was the tree i came to find, as though gifted to me for taking a moment to reflect and give thanks.  I checked… it moves… plenty of roots… now the joy of the work begins

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