Hello and Welcome to Satori Bonsai!

I was born and raised in Colorado, growing up hiking, hunting and fishing dominated most of my time ingraining my love for the Rocky Mountains. I started working with all types of plant material at an early age and was referred to a bonsai artist by the name of Harold Sasaki .  When I first arrived at Harolds my world was forever changed, seeing collected Yamadori and amazing Black and White Pines, I knew my future had to involve Bonsai.  I have been blessed to spend lots of time with Harold who truly helped me understand Bonsai and gave me a desire to learn the art.  Harold later introduced me to Larry Jackel, a premier Yamadori collector and Author of , Ponderosa Pines as Bonsai , Larry took me under his guidance and invited me to work with him at the Denver Botanic Gardens.  It has been a wonderful experience.  While not a Professional, I am truly passionate about the progression and future of Bonsai as an art form, especially here in the United States. I am blessed with a Beautiful wife and two Wonderful boys who are the light of my world. Please join me on this Journey!

Stefan Rausch

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  1. Looks as if I have lots of reading to do here…thank you for finding me so I can find you!

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