Informal Upright – Moyogi, Takichi : -Similar to the formal upright style, branches progress regularly from largest at the bottom to smallest at the top. The trunk and branches incorporate visible curves, but the apex is located directly above the trunk’s entry into the soil line. Branch placement is identical to formal upright (Left, Right, Back Branch) although this progression may be broken where the irregular shape of the trunk. Its noted specifically for its branches that grow from the outer side of the curves or bends.
-Advantages of Moyogi style are a very beautiful flowing image which is very inviting to the viewer and the ability to use the trees movement and flow and incorporate it into your Bonsai design. A slight advantage to this style is the ability to find bonsai stock or Yamadori (Which have been collected by licensed collectors) that truly conform beautifully to this style. We like to see angles in the trunk of informal upright, to give a rough idea, at about 1/5th and 3/5th height bending back towards the center to give harmony.
-Disadvantage of informal upright is how the tree decided to grow. If grown as bonsai stock nice bends and branch placement will have been ingrained into the tree from a very young age. Where if we have Yamadori lots of times (if not every time) large bends have to be put into branches to harmonize with the bends nature has put into the tree. We want to see the apex sitting over the main branch flowing with the trunk, this is difficult but ideal.
– Most species of plants are suitable for this style. From deciduous to coniferous from tropical to pine, anything you can think of. Fruiting trees can be utilized for this style. Most common trees for this style bonsai are
 Trident Maple (Acer Buergerianum)
 Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum)
 Beech
 Crab Apple
 Pomegranate
 Conifers
 Japanese White Pine
 Black Pine
 Ponderosa Pine
 Juniper

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